Apostle Joyce R.Williams is the Director/Founder of Men of Valor/Women of Virtue Ministries and Life Promises, Inc. She is also a leader in five fold ministry.
Joyce Williams Ministries is a ministry geared toward the spiritual restoration of both men and women of all walks of life, leaders in five fold ministry and the lay members/helpers in the Body of Christ.  This ministry was birthed through Joyce Williams by the trials and errors of life, to assist those called to duty in the Kingdom of God, to stand on the word of God to get through and pass the obstacles that those who are called, face on a daily basis.  Joyce Williams Ministry has several entities under its umbrella, that partake in the building of God's people and edifies the glory of His Kingdom.  The following programs are designed by Apostle Joyce to serve as meaningful sources of impartation that can be explored in this powerful ministry:

With the help and guidance of the
Lord along with the others in her corner, Joyce has put her personal needs aside to adhere to the hurt of men and women in the world today and help them to become fully functional beings within the Body of Christ. 
It is important to her that the men and women understand the love of God through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ.  Her message is clear, there is nothing one is limited to doing with His strength and power backing them. But more importantly, there is nothing that can be done to separate them from His love. 
Thank you for choosing Joyce Williams Ministries we are here to serve and cultivate what is in you!
Apostle Joyce Williams 
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